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Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis are herd improvers

The Santa Gertrudis breed was developed in the USA by King Ranch, Texas and were introduced to Australia in 1952.

Santa Gertrudis are the only breed in Australia that have a strict classification system to maintain and improve the standard of quality within the breed and have now become a major force in the Australian beef industry whether purebred or cross bred with other breeds Santa Gertrudis have proved themselves throughout Australia to be herd improvers.

Santa Gertrudis are a Bos Indicus derived breed found in herds from the far north to the more moderate climates in the south. Santa Gertrudis are synonymous with quick growth, bloat resistance, drought resistance, hardiness and high weight gains making them much sought after by breeders, backgrounders, feed lotters and meat processers.

Santa Gertrudis have proved their ability to do the job in good seasons, particularly where their bloat resistance is a great advantage, and in bad ones, which they have the ability to handle well.

The Santa Gertrudis breed is continuing to have a strong influence in the Australian beef industry.

For breed information follow the link www.santagertrudis.com.au

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