"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814


"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814


"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814


"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814


"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814

About Us

In February 1972, Moreton Rolfe registered Hardigreen Park Stud based at Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. On 1 January 1979, the stud re-located to “Hardigreen Park”, 48 kms south of Tamworth, and, in 1987,  “Santa Vale”, 60 kms east of “Hardigreen Park, was bought to allow for expansion of the stud and commercial herds. In  2003, a property adjoining “Santa Vale” was purchased to cater for further growth.

The Development

Santa Gertudis stud females were purchased from Red Beef, Jumping Rock, Big Sur, Lilydale and usually each year from Widden. The first sire was Goonoo Julius and further purchases included King Ranch Bacardi, Deputy and Emphatic, Cumberland Yale, Yarrawonga Park Royal, Starlight, Hitchcock and Herman. Home-grown sires included Hardigreen Park Patron, Topgun and Yeoman.

Hitchcock’s progeny are represented in a number of studs, his best known son being HP Boon, whose progeny have featured in recent Rosevale sales and were again conspicuous at that Stud’s 50th Anniversary sale.  His grandson, HP Editor, won the largest class at the Jubilee Sydney Royal in 2002 and sold to Eidsvold Station for $24,000. Unfortunately, we have now sold the last of his progeny.

In 1999, Gyranda Zed (P) was bought. This poll bull produced good bulls and many well muscled, balanced females. In 2004, Pinaroo 905 was added to put over heifers also purchased that year was Waco Palmer (P) and Dangarfield Morocco (P). In 2005, Glenn Oaks Farmhand was purchased at the Heartland Sale Roma for the top price of $68,000 and Kelly Wallah Dolicus (PS) was purchased at the Ag Show Sale Toowoomba for the all breeds top price of $35,000.

The strength of the female herd meant that few outside females were bought over the last 20 years until the Pinaroo reduction sale in March 2005 when eighteen excellent females, with big calves at foot, were acquired. These different bloodlines have enhanced the herd.

The Kelly Wallah Dispersal Sale gave another opportunity to increase the stud’s genetic base. Six poll females were purchased. They include the dam of Kelly Wallah Dolicus (PS): KW U15, PTIC to Greenup Viagra, who subsequently sold for $15,000.

Another opportunity to introduce other bloodlines was offerred by the Santa Park major reduction sale on 1st June 2007. Nine excellent females, two with calves at foot, were purchased. In November 2007, the opportunity presented itself to purchase a great line of cows with calves at foot from Raytek Stud. 19 cows were added to the herd with many different bloodlines to that which we had. Once again in 2008 we had the opportunity to aquire 29 classified PTIC heifers from Birra Birra Stud.

On 22nd May 2009 Hardigreen Park purchased nine poll females, six with calves at foot at the Warenda Reduction Sale. These females are of excellent quality and we believe that we now have one of the widest genetic pools possible and look forward to”mixing and matching” to produce more good Santas.

On 21st  August 2006, Hardigreeen Park added to its sire power by purchasing Warenda Rolex for the top sale price at that sale of $36,000. This son of Waco Landlord, with great figures, had a strong show record and is further adding to the Hardigreen Park breeding power. He has produced some fine bull and heifer calves including HP Longines (P) the junior, grand champion and best Santa Gertrudis exhibit at the 2009 Sydney Royal.

At the Santa Central Sale on 29th September 2006, Hardigreen Park purchased  the 22 month old Wave Hill Z146 (P) for $20,000. In the following year at the same sale, Glenview Barbados (PS), a blue ribbon winner at the 2007 Brisbane Royal and a son of the well thought of Yarrawonga Oberg (P) was purchased for $32,500. Showing great breed character, Barbados weighed in at 940 kgs with an ADWG of 1.30kgs, EMA of 125 and scrotum of 44cms.

2009 saw the purchase of  Gralyn Defender (P) for the top price of $46,000 and Wave Hill Cowboy (P) for the record price of an unled bull of $45,000.

2011 led to the addition of the top price Dangarfield bull Torrent (PS) ($37,500) and AI son of the acclaimed Dangarfield Quarterback (P).

In 2012 the stud took the opportunity to purchase semen in the highly regarded Dangarfield Patrol Chief, who will be used in a AI program. In addition Warenda Falkland (P), a son of Warenda Charlton (PS) a bull displaying tremendous breed character, softness and excellent temprement.

2013 Benelkay Genset (P) an easy doing large framed son of Bullamakinka Dreamtime (P) with an excellent temprement 41cm scrotal, EMA 125cm. Benelkay Grunt (P) was also purchased and sired by the same sire.

Yarrawonga Catalyst (P) was purchased for the top price of $64,000 a tremendous son of Waco Xbox (P), unfortunately we lost him due to an injury early in the breeding season. Wave Hill Gunsmoke (P) and Drensmaine Apex (P) were also added to our sire battery that year as well.

2014 saw the in herd use of HP Quo Vadis (P) a son of Gralyn Defender, Waco Dillon (P) was purchased at the Yarrawonga Waco Sale for $26,000. Also at the 2014 Santa Central Sale, Wave Hill Hercules H7 (PS) a son of Waco Versace (P) was purchased for $22,000.

The Management

On 1st January 1974, Colin Rosewarne commenced as the stud’s manager, a position he held with distinction until his retirement in April 2005. During that time he planned the development of the stud herd with great success, ensuring that the cattle retained the essential characteristics of the Santa Gertrudis breed.

His retirement led to the appointment of Colin Patterson as manager. Colin has immense experience with the breed, particularly at King Ranch, Cumberland and Gyranda and has brought that to bear at Hardigreen Park.

The Future

Hardigreen Park looks forward to the future with great expectations. We believe that the genetic base established over so many years will allow us to continue to breed quality cattle, which can be used with confidence. Thus our motto:

Hardigreen Park where good Santas get together

We believe we are achieving this.