"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814


"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814


"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814


"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814


"Where good santas get together" - Stud 814




Santa Central Sale 2016

Thankyou buyers, underbidders and many repeat clients for your support, we sold 12/12 to average $13,041.

Lot 6 Hardigreen Park Storm K8 (P)

Lot 6
Purchaser Yarrawonga Cattle Company

Lot 8 Hardigreen Park Swagman K24 (P)

Lot 8
Purchaser Knusden Family

Lot 11 Hardigreen Park Soldier K32 (P)

Lot 11
Purchaser Hanson Family

Lot 12 Hardigreen Park Sword K26 (P)

Lot 12
Purchaser Knusden Family

Lot 16 Hardigreen Park Signal K72 (P)

Lot 16
Purchaser Waco Stud

Lot 17 Hardigreen Park Summit K130 (P)

Lot 17
$50,000 (Equal Top Price)
Purchaser Bull Creek

Lot 19 Hardigreen Park Senator K66 (P)

Lot 19
Purchaser Ray Kelly Family Trust

 Santa Central Sale 2015

A huge thankyou to all buyers and under bidders for your continued support, we had a 100% clearance, 11 ‘S’ bulls sold to gross $178,000 with an outstanding average of $16,181 and a top of $35,000.

HGPark Reward J16 (P)Hardigreen Park Reward J16 (P)
$8,000 Purchaser Walker Family Bell
HGPark Rugby J24Hardigreen Park Rugby J24
$18,000 Purchaser Yarrawonga Stud
HGPark Riddle J58 (P)Hardigreen Park Riddle J58 (P)
$24,000 Purchaser Diamond H Stud
HGPark Rally J74 (P)Hardigreen Park Rally J74 (P)
$30,000 Purchaser Peter Knusden
HGPark Regent J80 (PS)Hardigreen Park Regent J80 (PS)
$6,000 Purchaser Longreach Pastoral Company
HGPark Region J100 (P)Hardigreen Park Region J100 (P)
$9,000 Purchaser Longreach Pastoral Company
HGPark Ringer J126 (PS)Hardigreen Park Ringer J126 (PS)
$35,000 Purchaser Watasanta Stud
HGPark Rustler J130 (PS)Hardigreen Park Rustler J130 (PS)
$13,000 Purchaser Seawright Investments
HGPark Raytek J30 (PS)Raytek J30 (PS)
$16,000 McKenzie Family

Semen Sales

Glenn Oaks Farmhand

$150 per straw, includes one registration per straw, minimum purchase ten straws.

Kelly Wallah Dolicus (PS) & Warenda Rolex

$125 per straw, includes one registration per straw, minimum purchase ten straws.

Bulls For Private Sale

Paddock Sale Bulls Available

Please Phone Col – 0467 435 012

Santa Central Sale 2014

Thanks to all buyers and under bidders for your continued support, we averaged $4625 for 8 classified bulls.

Santa Central Sale 2013

We sold 16 bulls to average $4,969 and a top of $13,000

Lot 07 HP Pirate (PS)Lot 7 HP Pirate (PS)
Purchaser: Ben McKinnon
Lot 12 HP Phoenix (PS)Lot 12 HP Phoenix (PS)
Purchaser: Valley View Stud
Lot 14 HP Parade (P)Lot 14 HP Parade (P)
Purchaser: Cumberland Cattle
Lot 15 HP Platoon (PS)Lot 15 HP Platoon (PS)
Purchaser: Paul and Leona Sherd

Santa Central Sale 2012

On Wednesday 26th September 2012 Hardigreen Park sold 12 Classified Bulls for an outstanding average of $8,833, among the sale team was the top price bull of Santa Central HP Omega F16 (P) selling for $36,000 to Dangarfield Stud Taroom.

We would like to thank all buyers and under bidders for their support and wish all our buyers well with their new purchases; Dangarfield Stud, Murgo Stud, Jim Scully, Watasanta Stud, Roger Purtell, Dunlop Stud, Pinaroo Stud, Charlie and Meagan Johnston, Charles Hill, Merty Merty Station and The Winks Family.

Lot 56Lot 56
Purchaser: Dunlop Stud
Lot 6Lot 6
Purchaser: Dangarfield Stud
Lot 7Lot 7
Purchaser: Dangarfield/Murgo Studs
Lot 14Lot 14
Purchaser: Jim Scully

Santa Central Sale 2011

Hardigreen Park Offered 14 Classified ‘S’ Bulls @ Santa Central Sale 2011 Headingly Sale Complex Clifton QLD on Wednesday 28th September for an average of $7,928, we wish to thank all buyers and underbidders for their support.

Lot 4 HP NeroLot 4 HP Nero
Lot 5 HP NucleusLot 5 HP Nucleus
Purchaser: Hatton and Sons
Lot 8 HP NotaryLot 8 HP Notary
Purchaser: Dunn Family
Lot 15 HP Nautilus (P)Lot 15 HP Nautilus(P)
Purchaser: Yulgilbar Stud
Lot 15 HP Nautilus (P)Lot 6 HP National (P)
Purchaser:Tee Vee Stud
Lot 9 HP Navman (P)Lot 9 HP Navman (P)
Purchaser: Echo Hills Stud

Santa Central Sale 2010

Hardigreen Park sold 15 ‘S’ Bulls for an impressive average of $9,433.

HP MacroHardigreen Park Macro
Purchaser: Daandine Past Co
HP Manager (P)Hardigreen Park Manager (P)
Purchaser: Hatton and Sons
HP MountieHardigreen Park Mountie
Purchaser: Presho Family
HP MaltaHardigreen Park Malta
Purchaser: Donasville Stud
HP Maximus (PS)Hardigreen Park Maximus (PS)
Purchaser:Forest Park Stud
HP MagicHardigreen Park Magic
Purchaser: Noel James
HP MountainHardigreen Park Mountain (PS)
Purchaser: Triple S Stud
HP LandmarkHardigreen Park Landmark
Purchaser: Lance Dunlop and Family

Santa Central Sale 2009

Hardigreen Park offered 14 ‘S’ bulls with a total clearance, and an average of $12,714.

HP LawyerHP Lawyer
Purchaser: Diamond H Stud
HP Legion (PS) HP Legion (PS)
Purchaser: Forest Park Stud
HP Lager (PS)HP Lager (PS)
Purchaser: Yarrawonga/Waco Stud
HP Lynx (P)HP Lynx (P)
Purchaser: Ryan Bros
HP LuciferHP Lucifer
Purchaser: Wyandotte Pastoral Company
HP Lotto (P)HP Lotto (P)
Purchaser: Wyandotte Pastoral Company
HP Leroy (P)HP Leroy (P)Purchaser: R & J Vise Kuloomba Stud

Santa Central Sale 2008

Hardigreen Park offered 15 ‘S’ Bulls  and 1 Commercial Bull, with a total clearance, a sale topper and an outstanding average of $10,625.

HP KlondykeHP Klondyke
Purchaser: Ideal Stud$9,000
HP KarateHP Karate
Purchaser: Sir William Allen &
FamilyForest Park StudSale Topper
$ 27,500
HP Kudos (P)HP Kudos (P)
Purchaser: Dunlop Stud
HP Kracker (PS)HP Kracker (PS)
Purchaser: Yarrawin Stud
HP KentuckyHP Kentucky
Purchaser: Glenn Oaks/Gralyn Studs
HP KingHP King
Purchaser: El Pascol Stud

Where good santas get togetherSTUD 814